Rating star does not show the average amount

How could I show those stars based on the average amount. As in the given example. If the amount is 3.5, those stars should be practically filled based on that amount (3 and a half stars basically) The type of variable used is Decimal This is how the stars are configured. I found a tutorial with what I do here (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TVM9P_aaFk4) and in this tutorial what I need was done automatically(the display of stars according to the average amount) Am I doing something wrong or something needs to be configured?
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Hello MDX TRI,


I am afraid this is not working anymore since the widget got an update, please see also the documentation:




I think with bringing the flexibility of choosing your own icon they moved out the average function.


You could try a lower version of the widget lower than 2.0.0. however this will have no support i think anymore, so maintainance should be done by your own team.


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