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Hi team, I am using a document template for generating a pdf. In this, I am using a custom style, but for every change, it restarts the server again and again, which takes a lot of time. Can we preview the document template after applying CSS? Is there any other way to style the document template in a easy way?
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The document template is not that easy to work with. Did you look into the alternative PDF Document generation module? Chapter 4.4.4 mentions advanced styling options.


If you cannot use this module for any reason, you could submit your improvement suggestions as an Idea.


Hi @Micha Friede

Thanks for your reply.


I have tried the PDF Document Generation module. But to use this module in an environment, it requires some configuration steps.

Enabling the DocGen Request Handler for Licensed Apps

Registering Your App Environments


And we cannot register our app on their environment due to security reasons