Want to validate the record before delete with a warning message where the record is used

Hi,   I want to provide a message before deleting a record if it is being used in other table. and want to show the warning message with the message where the record is being used.   for example let say i have a site India record and it is being used by 4 different company (A,B,C,D)record then before deleting i want to show the message that the site India is being used in A, B, C, D    Please suggest some logic or way to implement it.   I implemented one approach but it only show one company or record where it is being used.
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Kiran, if you have retrieved the companies that reference the site, I would create a String variable, then iterate through the list of companies, adding each company name to the string (with separating commas if required). Then use the String variable in the client message.