Questions about the Input reference set selector in the Build the Detail Pages - Create the New Page stage of Intermediate Course Training

Hello!   I have a question about the Input reference set selector in the 'Build the Detail Pages - Create the New Page' stage of the Intermediate Course Training.     The curriculum says to use the 'UserRole_Select page' as shown in the picture, but version 10.9.0 does not have that page.   I keep getting an error like the picture below, is there a page that can replace 'UserRole_Select page'?     If there isn't, how should we solve it?   Please give me some advice. Thank you.
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Hello Yubi,


You are right they replaced it with a combo box which is a new feature of Mendix.

To still achieve the same result you can create a reference set selector with a page yourself by doing the following.

 1. create a new pop up page with a listview with as source userroles:


2. Put on your new account page a reference set input selector and connect your new page to this input selector go for attribute name:


This should work another possibility is to check download an earlier version of mendix and create a new app and  check it out how they did it there.


Hope this helps,


Good luck