values not updated in the DB

I have an input field where the I am updating the value of the input field in the microflow, but the values are not getting updated in the database.   I am using change object activity and committed the changes. The committed values are not showing in the db as well in the ui.   any idea would be helpful to solve this issue. Thanks in advance.
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Hi Abdur,


If this just a single entity, where the Object being passed into the microflow is the object you also want to update and change, or are you updating an associated entity?


As for the change object, just make sure you are updating with the correct variable if you are using one. You can hard code a value, and debug to see that the correct values are applied. So just before the commit check the variables and see what values are present. Also if using a variable ensure that variable is also the correct value you need it to be, as it could be assigning a value from it, but the variable itself does not have the correct value to it.


Also double check that the object selected in the change object and commit is the correct object you want to update.


Any validations on the entity/attribute that would prevent the update from happening, giving an error.

Does the flow execute without any errors as well in runtime?



can you confirm the right object is getting passed in your microflow. Please check the id of the object you are looking at db and the id of the object in your microflow ( add debugger and you can find the id in variables) 

are same.