How to customize a marketplace widget?

Hello,   I imported the Planner Widget in my app . It does everything I wanted, except I would like to have 2 cells per day, to seperate mornings and afternoons. I could not find a way to edit this widget.    If you know how to edit a widget or if you know an other solution for the feature this widget is bringing, please let me know.   Thanks for your help!
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Hi Simon, There is two ways you can edit the widget

1) As widget is in mpk format ,you have to extract it and there you will get the js file ,which you can modify to accommodate your changes and you have to zip it again to make it mpk

2)recommended way is to change the files of widget in their GitHub repo and make a contribution over there , so that your changes will come as official release ,also you will get credit for that.

here is the github planner widget

Good luck!