Re-Usable Component Block

I am building an application where I have an information block that will display certain information to a user that will on various screens, always be visible on the left, kind of in a 3/9 split grid layout. So the user works on the right side, always seeing the information on the left.   The information block will only contain labels and information, no buttons or actions, so it will only show data relevant to the current user.   How can I build this block once, and just re-use it on all the screens where I need to, I would also like to make changes to the block and only do it in 1 place, like a web block that can be used anywhere.   What would be best practice to achieve this in Mendix.
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Build it on one page and then extract as a snippet which can be put onto all your other pages. Any changes you make to the snippet will be reflected everywhere it is used