User restriction

When converting our project from modeler version to 2.5.1, an error appears which says: [Deprecated] The property 'User restriction' is deprecated. Please use security to restrict access to objects based on current user. Set the property to 'Maintain' to remove this warning. We are using the user restriction 'none' functionality so the data shown in the grid is independent of the user which is logged in. With a XPath constraint we are currently customize the restriction level of the grid. How can we solve this problem by configure the security settings (apart from set the User restriction level to 'Maintain')?
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Because the method is deprecated since 2.5 you have no choice than custom XPath constraints, or access rules on domain objects.

So there is no other way to fix this error beside setting the property to maintain. The reason that you get an warning is that you can prepare you model to a version where this functionality is removed.