Page redirecting after receiving data from the API (TikTok) in the browser window

I have a question regarding the Published Rest Service. I open a URL sending a request to the TikTok API (in the same window). The user confirms the appropriate access (permissions) and the platform returns objects to me which I can further process to obtain an Access Token. From the user's perspective, the browser receives the data in the address field of the bookmark, in the same window where it accepted accesses. I receive the authorisation data on the PRS from the platform via a GET, which calls the appropriate functions to process the returned response - my Rest Service is at the URI required by TikTok. However, the browser window remains at the called address of my PRS (i.e. the returned address containing the values from the platform; of course, everything goes on already in the background) and, as you know, I cannot call "open page" within the microflow.What can I do with this window to make it user friendly? How can I close it or redirect the tab back to the page from which it was called or to another page? I understand that the idea is to add a parameter to $httpResponse where the key is 'Location' and the value is the address of the page to which the window should be redirected. And in fact I've tried this before. I added the values (for the example redirect to Google) but the page still remains the same, i.e. a link to call from TikTok. For the test I disabled all activities within the called microflow leaving the HttpHeader adding to httpResponse and changing httpResponse code to 200 but the page still does not go any further.
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Use the URL redirect widget on a new page with the right URL to go to.