Calling a REST API locally using a self-signed certificate

Hello,   I'd like to test locally to connect to a REST API I designed myself with a "Call Rest" action in a microflow. This external service also runs locally for testing purpose. I have generated a self-signed certificate to configure my REST API and I'd like to request this API in my Mendix application when launched locally.    I'm not really sure to understand how I'm supposed to configure Mendix so it doesn't refuse to connect to my API because of the self-signed certifcate. I've added the certificate in Settings > Certificates, but now how can I ask Mendix to accept this certificate ?
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go to the Service which has been created. you will find the URL of the swagger. copy paste the swagger link in your will be able to test the api created here.  In the authentication if you have enabled client certificate, it will ask for the certificate also in the browser.