Profile Picture and Name

Hi Community, I need one help i want to add profile picture in UI part each navigation page, now i have added in home page who is the user login with his/her credentials it should the profile picture and name of the user in each navigation page, if any one have idea or reference could you please it will be the greate help for us.
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If this information you want to show is common to every page of the application, then you may want to add it to the layout. In case you're using Atlas, search for something like Atlas_TopBar. It is usually a good practice to not edit the marketplace module directly, but a copy instead.




In the Atlas_TopBar snippet, you can see the app icon, navigation bar and language selection. You may add a dataview to show the User's name and profile picture.


Even if the layout you're using is not Atlas, the process should be similar.


To show the user's profile picture, please see this forum question: