I want to display the Administrator name along with profilepicture

I want to display the Administrator name along with profilepicture, now i can see after creating the account the account name only i am able to see but i am not getting administrator names in the admin login page, by default we have in mendix administrator, using that credentials i had login but in the top right corner of the every navigation page i need to show the administrator name as well. This image is the reference for my explanation and this is the administrator login page.    
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Hello mamatha k,


A few things to check are the following:


is your administrator a user with only a user entity or is het specialized user in the form of an account, this difference can explain why you have some field not filled in on administrator but have it filled in on other accounts.


How is your security set up arranged what are the rights for user to read, please be careful when adjusting this settings especially when it is on account but probably your ansewer lays somewhere in here.


Hope this helps,


Good luck




Hi Rishabh Shandilya,


Yes i have created snippet layout, inside the snippet for data source i have added a microflow, inside the microflow i am retrieving the data from account by the xpath [id='[%CurrentUser%]'], but i want to retrieve the details of the default system administrator and i have uploading the image it will give you the clarification i think.






Hi Jelle van Leeuwen,

This is the Administrator by default mendix created and this administrator have all access it is not created through account. so how i will show this administrator name beside the profilepicture.


Hi Mamatha,

For this requirement, you can add a snippet in the layout, inside the snippet, you can add a dataview, and set the datasource as microflow, inside the microflow, you can retrieve the Account by the Xpath

[id = $currentUser] 

This way, you can get the current account, Now in the dataview, you can show whatever information you want.

Let me know, if you have any issues,

Hope it helps!!