How to Disable save button

In my create form save button i want to give click access after filling data in the form . I need to show that button before but after giving that data then only i want clickable function.
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Hi Anjali,


The way I would do this is:

  • Create a non persistent entity with the exact same attributes as in your screenshot (Vehicle number, make, capacity, owner name, model, rto passing date and gps)
  • Add an extra attribute called IsEnableButton (default set to false)
  • Create a datasource DS microflow that returns this non peristent entity and set it to the datasource of the form dataview
  • For every attribute, add an event that triggers a microflow


  • In this microflow check if all attributes are filled, if so, change the IsShowButton to true
  • Based on the IsEnableButton, enable/disable the button
  • On save, copy the attributes back from the non persistent entity to your entity


Depending on your use case, the proposed solution may differ a bit.


If you want to follow Rishabh's approach and always have the save button enabled, but not save depending on validations, the SUB validation microflow should look something like this:




Where based on the output $IsValid, you decide if you save or not. Also, for every non-valid field, you show a validation message (also shown in the image above).


Hope this helps.


Hi Anjali,

You can add a microflow, in there, you can have a validation submicroflow, where you can check whether all the fields are filled or not, if not filled then just end the microflow, this way you can have the save button, but it won't do anything.

Also, you can add custom validation feedback on the particular field which are not filled.

Let me know, if you have any issues,

Hope it helps!