Local branch commit is lost during merge activity

Hey fellow developers,   I've managed to loose my work during commits and unable to revert it. Here's what happened: Downloaded a branch from a team server called Dev branch. Usually, on top of the application our team sees AppName (Dev, Git) - 10.6.1; but this time around I had AppName (Dev, privateserver Git) - 10.6.1 - Image seen below: When working on the branch I was weirdly asked for Author and Email credentials. I've have never seen that before, but decided to input my name and email - Image seen below: Then I committed my changes locally and decided to pull updates in from team server (rebase). All I see from there is I have the latest Dev branch (from team server), but all of my changes I have worked on are missing. My local commits are not in Dev branch's history either. Any suggestions on ways I can recover my local commit? Are my local changes committing to a completely different server?
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