How can I fix the CE1571 Error: No argument has been selected for parameter Token and no default is available.Please select an argument manually.

Hello Mendix Developers, I'm relatively new to Mendix development and I encountered an error in Mendix in the EmailTemplate_NewEdit Snippet when I wanted to use the Email Connector module in my project. I have no clue how can I fix this. You can examine the problem in the following screenshot. I would greatly appreciate any advice, tips, or insights that you can offer. Thank you so much for taking the time to assist us with my question.  
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Hello Altay,


It looks like one of the functions in your application need a parameter that is token.

This parameter need to be provided by you(your application) in order to execute the function.

Based on your error and your screenshot probably it is the microflow behind the edit button or the page behind the edit button that expects the parameter.

You can navigate to the on click action of the edit button and see what the function is and you can check in the left top corner the parameters that are necessary for the page and if it is a flow you can check the yellow floating blocks that are the parameters for your flow.


If you cannot provide the parameter on the page or in the flow you can do different things:


Remove the parameter and retrieve it in the flow if it is a microflow

or remove the parameter and retrieve in a separate datawidget if it is a page

or instead of directly calling the page use a flow to retrieve the parameter and call the page with the parameter via the flow.


Hope this helps!


Good luck!