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Datagrid2 is very useful, with many good features. However, I found two problems compared to datagrid1: 1-   In the good old data grid, it was possible to select a one to many association and then select a string or enum field for the object over the one to many association. The chosen attributes for the objects that where found over the assocation would be concatenated together. In Data Grid 2 this is not an option and you would have to make a temporary object or an extra attribute to hold the concatenated value.   2- Following the previous problem, How, using the TextFilter of DataGrid2,  can I filter associations in a ListView? If It is not possible with ListView, what are the other options to get this list and be able to filter it from DataGrid2?     Thank you VERY much for your answer on my questions/suggestions. 
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Hi Abdelaziz Abdelkefi,

1.In Datagrid2 in column You can select dynamic text in that you can concatenate string or enum over Association without using any temporary attribute.

Select the main attribute and in Dynamic text you can concatenate required attributes , the dynamic text will be displayed in data grid.


2.For Filters , It is best to use microflows to filter the data grid or listview.



Hi Abdelaziz


Recently, I have been using DataGrid 2. Is it possible to add a text filter on DataGrid 2 by dragging the text filter from the toolbox and placing it on a grid column  look like this 



I hope this finds you well. If you have any doubts, feel free to ask


M. Ganesh Pavan Munduri,

You can see the screen I referred about in my comment here.


Thank you all for your help