How can I set up authentication and authorization based on the email the user enters?

Hello Mendix Developers,   My team and I are relatively new to Mendix development, and we're currently facing a challenge in our project that we could use some guidance on.    For our project we need to make a login system, we want to do this by letting someone put their email on the login page, and then the system would send a link/login details to the email so that they can use this to log in/go to the site. We also want to give the right role to the email, is there a way of doing this?    We would greatly appreciate any advice, tips, or insights that you can offer. Thank you so much for taking the time to assist us with our question.
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You can achieve this by combining few different things.

  1. make an anonymous role since you want the YET TO BE CREATED users to submit their emails
  2. make an Signup page with email address as input. Page should have anonymous access
  3. on Submit, run a microflow which first can safe keep this email and along with it, by using the deeplink module from marketplace send a deeplink to the user.
    1. you can make a mini validation in such a way that only the earlier supplied email can be used or only the those for which account has not been made yet
  4. send this deeplink in an email to the user using the EmailConnector module from marketplace
  5. on Link click you can grab this in a Microflow
    1. in which first you check the validity of this link(perhaps you can append a SLUG(a simple hash) which you can check against the database with)
    2. the if there is no account associated with it, you can make a brand new account and set a default password for it. (once they login give them a page to change their password)
  6. let the user login using the mendix default login page or you can make a custom login page (

Also check this out. This seems to have more than what you need.

perhaps you can pick what you need from this. Take inspiration.