Label names in single line

In this image label is showing in 2 lines (Ex: Contact Number and Driving License ) how i will keep that in single line and after save and cancel button is showing more empty space how i will decrease. Please kindly help me for this.
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Textbox widget rendering in browser using above syntax. You can see in label there is a class called col-sm-3 and there is a class called col-sm-9 on the div.

You need change the scss as per your requirement.

 .col-sm-3 {
        flex: 0 0 35%;
        max-width: 35%;

    .col-sm-9 {
        flex: 0 0 65%;
        max-width: 65%;

// Make sure you wrap (.col-sm-3 and .col-sm-9) class with a parent-container class



Hi Anjali, 

You can manage the spacing and padding of the elements from the appearance tab of each widget.

And you can change it accordingly.

Hope it helps!