In my datagrid there is attribute contains link once i click on the column i want to that link to open

In my datagrid there is attribute contains link once i click on the column i want that link to open how can i achieve this
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Do you have a chance to use datagrid 2 or listview? if so then you may add custom content column and add a link button inside a column.

If only datagrid1 is possible then you can do it but by clicking on the row. Here are the steps:


-  add the action button to the grid for instance named 'OpenURL'- and:

- Set 'is default button' as Yes (only then it will be opened after click on row)

- Set On click as Open link

- in the Address set Use attribute and select the attribute where the link is stored.


if you want the button is not visible on the UI then you cannot use the Visibility option. The easy way to make this is open the properties and go to Styling (before MX10 use the appearance tab) and in the Class type hidden.



Hi Pragathi, 

I am not sure about datagrid, but you can achieve the same in datagrid2 or listview.

you can add a link button and directly add the link there,

But if you don't want to use a button/link then other approach is,

use datagrid2 and,

There you can add another column, inside the column, you can add a container, inside the container, you can use a text widget, which shows your URL.

Now, on the container, you can set an on-click event which opens a link, and for the value of the link, you can use the same value of your attribute.

This way, as soon as the user clicks on the text (on the container, that contains the text), he will be redirected to the URL.

You can refer to the image below


Hope it helps!