How to change the header using enumeration?

Hi all, I want to change the value of header or table after user choose from enumeration.  When the user chooses the value and press the button view, for example, "day," I want the value to switch to "AM," and if they choose "night," it should change to "PM".    I tried to use datagrid2, it change value but then it saves into the database, is there any way to make it like I mentioned above?   The microflow i use for this is   Thanks a lot if you can help!
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Yi Jia Teow,


A simple way would be like; Adding a DS microflow as a data source for the Slots, As a result of the DS microflow, if the value is Day , then AM slot would be visible, otherway PM would be visible.


Instead of a DS microfow, you can of course use the values (Day, Night enum ) directly if it is reachable for the slots.

I hope this helps,