not able to select entity in reference selector

Hi Team, i have a situation where two entity is there 1. Distributor 2. Catalogue and association is one distributor is having many relationship with Catalogue. catalogue is the owner. now i want to populate dropdown data of Catalogue using reference selector. but i am not able to see catalogue association. please help me in this how i can achieve this.
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scenario 1:

You already has a list of distributor and catalog, the drop down as refrence selector is now just a way to select one of catalog belong to this distributor. There for you need to make another association 1-1, by drag association from catalog to distributor and set the relationship as 1-1 and mark the tail name as _selected. so on the form now you can use reference selector.


scenario 2:

make a list of distibutor on the left then on the right make a dataview to listen to distributor, then inside this data view add a list to show the catalog. 


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Hi Shankar,

For a reference selector, you cannot select a child from the parent, 

instead, you can select a parent from the child.

In your case, you can find the distributor, on the catalog page.

Hope this answers your question!




You can create a one-one association between the two and then use this association to retrieve distribution objects from which the user can select one.


Hope this helps!