How can I set up authentication and authorization based on the email the user enters?

Hello Mendix Developers,   My team and I are relatively new to Mendix development, and we're currently facing a challenge in our project that we could use some guidance on.    For our project we need to make a login system, we want to do this by letting someone put their email on the login page, and then the system would send a link/login details to the email so that they can use this to log in/go to the site. We also want to give the right role to the email, is there a way of doing this?   We would greatly appreciate any advice, tips, or insights that you can offer. Thank you so much for taking the time to assist us with our question.
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Hi Altay, I would recommend that you look into this Learning Path. It explains how you can change the login page an allow people to sign up. Of course you can extend the logic to generate a random password and send an email 

Hope this helps