Empty caption errors apearing after Update of Modules

Hi all, Im busy updating my app to Mendix 10. To do that, I've updated the Modules: Workflow Commons and Community Commons. But now Im getting 111 errors relating to Empty Captions. The default language of my app is Dutch, and the imported Modules have their Captions written in English.   Is their a way to turn off the errors relating to the English Captions in the imported Modules? Or is their an easy way to perform a Batch translate without the need to translate every caption by hand?   Thanks in advance for your help!
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do a full bach translate export in old code,

then reimport the modules and to a vatch translate using the excel we got in step one.

I think that should fix the issue.


Not entirely sure, but might be worth a try. What if you temporarily change back to English as default language and then perform the updates?

Since I haven't tested it, I would recommend creating a branch and try it there first.


Thanks for the help!

Both these options didn't realy help to be honest, they caused more errors.

I was able to solve the issue using 'Language operations' and swapping the dutch captions for English ones.

Have a nice day!