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Hi Everyone,    Is there a way we can commit an object in a Nanoflow without refreshing the object?    Scenario is following:   1. We are developing a PWA app.  2. We have a page which has a Listview inside it. 3. There is e.g. a text box inside the list view and is editable. 4. The onChange action of Textbox triggers a Nanoflow which commits the object. 5. This commit is triggering refresh and causes refresh of the page. I want to avoid this refresh and just commit object.   Any ideas are appreciated.   Thanks & Regards, Sharad R K
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I went creative on this same issue some years ago. My resolution back then was to add a second entity associated to the one shown in the list. When a listitem was changed, the data was copied to the second object and committed there so that the list would not refresh. When the user refreshed the list the data was copied back and committed in the main object.


Hi Sharad,


As you can read from the docs ( :


Microflows run in the runtime server and can therefore not be used in offline apps, while nanoflows run directly, client side, on the browser/device and can be used in an offline app. Furthermore, most of the actions in nanoflows run directly on the device, so there is also a speed benefit for logic which does not need access to the server.


This means if you use a nanoflow it will always refresh :)


If you just want to commit the object you can use a microflow call in your nanoflow.


Hope this helps a little.


Good luck!