Print graph, tables in pdf without breaking table lines in mendix studio 9.24

Create Pdf file from page which has graph, chart and table grids in mendix studio 9.24.* By using Screen shot option we had created but that gives broke table and not compatible for graph / chart. Font is also coming blurred. Please provide the solutions with compatible widgets or steps for above scenario.
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you can also call a JavaScript Action from a nanoflow, something that looks like this:


if (document.getElementsByClassName("widget-charts-loading-indicator").length > 0) {"Please wait a moment until all the charts have loaded", false);


else {



User can then select the default ‘Print to PDF’ option to save the page to PDF.





You could consider trying the Mendix PDF document generation module + service.

Normal Mendix pages + styling can be used to generate the PDFs.


To force content brake behavior a Page break widget is provided.

And next to this you could wrap a Container widget with Page break styling properties set around the table and other content (see documentation)