The best way to use a custom Account_Overview page

Hello, for my app I need to customise accounts page so a specific group users are constrained to one office while users with higher privileges can access information from all the offices. I have the entity that keeps records of the offices but I need a suggestion on the best way to connect it  to the Account_Overview page that is  in the core module and cannot be modified for consistency reasons. My guess is to use an entity with generalization from Administration.Account and then associate it 1-1 with Office entity
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Hi Dmitry,


You can use a generalization of the Administration.Account however note that this is already a generalization of System.User and multiple levels of generalizations can cause performance issues. The association would be many accounts to one office and not 1-1.  You can duplicate the Account_overview and Account_NewEdit pages into your module and make any needed modifications.