Need Answere for these

HI Guys  I would like to know the Answeres for these can you please help me out on this   Your colleague provided you with a module package containing an Atlas Custom module that you need to import to the app, before you can use it to customize the Layout of a page Where do you need to place this to make it available in the page properties of your app? In the Atlas Ul folder  Anywhere outside of Marketplace modules In a new module In the same folder where the page is stored How many anonymous user roles can you configure in the app security? Unlimited This depends on how many user roles you have One At least one   When using Anonymous users in your project, what is the recommended best practice for naming the assigned user role? It has to be Anonymous It cannot be called Administrator None It has to be the same as the module role you use for anonymous users      
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Hi Aakash,

For your first question, it should be the 2nd one, anywhere outside of Marketplace modules.

For the second question, it should be one, bcz only one anonymous user role can be created.

For the third, It should be , it has to be anonymous.

Hope it helps!