What is technically better, using visibilities or more pages ?

Guys, I was busy with developing a wizard, and was wondering whether it is technically better to divide the wizard into some pages - with MF's between them? Or using one large page with visibility conditions and booleans and MF's? I know that the more attributes (booleans) you have, the complicated the app becomes, but which solution is the best for permance, security ...any other important factor? thhnx
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A complex page might take significantly longer to load. Separate small pages each take a small time to load. Add all those loading times up and it is probably the same. However, your end user experiences several short waits instead of a single long one.

Pages with lots of flags and conditional visibility can also be hard to maintain later.

My suggestion: break it up and use snippets where possible.


When it comes to making a wizard, you could also have a look at the WizardSteps widget, which creates a nice UI (don't know how to configure it, have a look at the README)