Find out the View Image Solution

Hello,  I have a task to add and 'View image' button in right side of the 'Download file' Button , So that in ' View image' button we should be able to View the image only in the browser no need to download it every time , just wanted to view it in that , but I don't have any idea how to make it possible , So can anyone help me with this , which microflow or what can I do in this matter?
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Hi Priyanka,


A solution might be as follows:

1- A button with name 'show image of the file'

2- In the microflow use 'DuplicateFileDocument' action and set cloneTarget as system.Image

3- Use this image as return value (At this point you may need an entity to use as a returnvalue) and show it in a a pop-up page.


I hope it works for you,