How can I extend the features of ForgotPasswordModule to have the system generates a random password along with the link for the user to log in?

Hello Mendix Developers,   I am relatively new to using Mendix and know that I already asked this question yesterday and I got confused a bit so I wanted to revise my question. For our project, we want to make a login system where we can send a mail with a randomly generated password that is linked to the email or a link that they can log in with, but these should only work for 10 minutes. For now, I am using the Password Forgot Module 6.0.0 version with its dependencies  Encryption, EmailConnector, and MxModelReflection to send the mail, is there a way that we can change the module for this to work? or is there another way of doing this?   I would appreciate it if you could assist in this matter. Thank you in advance.
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