enumeration that contains 4 different shops For one shop application built , user can choose shop using different shops by dropdown how can I achieve it.

There is entity called shops which contains enumeration like shop1 ,shop2,  shop3 , shop 4 and shop5. for one of the enumeration  shop1 functionality has been developed which is list  . user can choose  one shop for example user has choose shop 1 user must be able to see list of the idea implementation of only this shop .how can I implement it . should I create a different modules for each shop if not how can I do it in existing shop .
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Dont use a enumeration for this.

The entity you be called shop, with an attribute Name.

The app admin should be able to manage the list of shops. 

The idea entity should reference the shop entity. Each idea refers to one shop and on shop can be referenced by multiple ideas.


When adding an idea, a shop should be selected out of the created list by the admin


When selecting a shop, you can now show the referenced list of ideas.


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