Insert custom links to html elements

I am making an introduction page and within this page there will be lots of links for users to click to take them to external sites for further information. The links will be within the text and may be multiple links for 1 sentence.   These links may change in the future so I have created an entity called "Link" for users to create and edit (has 2 fields - text to show and link)   I am putting the introduction text into a HTML element and now I have got the issue where I cannot retrieve the relevant link as it is a list of entities rather than one.   My only thought is to create a single entity with all the fields and names and to access it that way (i.e link1name, link1link, link2name, link2link etc...) however this seems quite and messy   Any ideas on how I could go about this? Thanks
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Maybe not the cleanest solution but you can try creating Constants exposed to client and then use them within Widgets

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