Barcode scanner from Tools

Hi,   I have downloaded the barcode scanner from toolbox in Studio pro, I want to use that scanner to scan some Barcode and fetch the details of that barcode in my application using some microflow on detection.   But while using that laptop camera is detecting the barcode but it is not calling any microflow even if I have added one microflow to capture the data from that barcode, its just getting blank screen after detecting the barcode.   Anyone can help on this issue, how can I fetch the details of any barcode and populate in my application?   Thanks in Advance
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Hi Samrat,

In the images below I have an example of a working barcode scanner.

Some important things:

The scanned result need to be written to an attribute (unlimited string) in your database, therefore also check the write access.

In the microflow I can use the content of the barcode in Retour.Barcode

You have to provide the optical feedback yourself, for example with a show message or a close page.

Hope it helps!