Mendix on Linux

Can anybody tell me how to start mendix after copying files to Linux? The howto: Working with application servers on Linux Debian doesn't mention how to start mendix, nor which setting are required. tried `-bash-3.2$ java -jar mxruntime.jar Failed to load Main-Class manifest attribute from mxruntime.jar ` tried -bash-3.2$ java -jar m2ee-server.jar The environment variable M2EE_ADMIN_PASS is not defined. do I need to put configuration in the yaml file? how do I tell the server/runtime which yaml file to use? do I need the file structure as mentioned in the howto?
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The how to "Mendix on Linux" only describes how to use a slot in our hosting environment. It doesn't explain how to install Mendix on linux. As with the Windows howto's you will need an additional program to start and configure the Mendix framework. At the moment we don't have this program and documentation publicly available.

Please contact us with your environment details to see if we can help you configuring your Mendix installation.