URL with input parameters for bookmarking and google indexing

We are new to Mendix. Currently using OutSystems you can have a page url with input parameters.  Say you have a generic tool page and the url has ToolId=x where x is the tool id. Users can then bookmark these pages and also google can index them for showing in search results. I know you can do microflows with url inputs with input parameters - but I don't think this will work for google indexing and it would not be what shows up in the url for a user to intuitively bookmark the page. Has anyone tried to do this or found a different better way for both end user bookmarking as well as google indexing for search results?
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two answers:

  1. To achieve Google indexing you need to create/update your sitemap. This is not done for Mendix apps. I have done this earlier for a Mendix app updating the site map for each link I created using a custom JAVA action. This module has been released after I implemented this myself, so no experience with THIS module: https://marketplace.mendix.com/link/component/116718
  2. Mendix isn't a website, so being crawlable by Google shouldn't be needed ;-)



This very old blog post, still give you a decent idea how it works for Mendix. Note that at the time of wring page and microflow URL's weren't possible and thus custom deeplinks were created. Which is basically the same concept, though differently implemented. https://www.mxblog.eu/p/post/2533274790396705