How to give dynamic test as by default in table overview page?

Hello, can you tell me about that how to show by default values and to are dropdown which have more values.
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I didnot get your quetsion. Can you say it more clearly


Hi Dwija,

The dropdown as well as the reference selector, proved an option to enter the 'empty option caption'

You can refer to the image below:


you can use this option to show values when nothing is selected.


Also, if you want to add dropdowns in datagrid 2, you can double click on the column, and then select 'CustomCOntent' this way, you will be able to add dropdown/referrenceSelector.

Let me know, if you have any issues,

Hope it helps!


Go to the App Explorer.Right-click on JavaScript actions and select Add JavaScript action.

Name your JavaScript action 

In the JavaScript action editor, define an input parameter for the string you want to encode.Click on New under Parameters.Name the parameter, e.g., inputString.Set the type to String.

Open the microflow where you want to use the Base64 encoding.Add a Call JavaScript Action activity to your microflow.Select the Base64Encode action you created.Map the input parameter to the string you want to encode.Store the result in a variable for further use in your microflow.


Create a microflow that will act as the data source.In the microflow, retrieve or calculate the data you need.Ensure the microflow returns the appropriate type of object or list.Set Data Source:

In your overview page, add a Data View or List View.Set the data source of this view to be the microflow you created.Configure the Display:

Inside the Data View or List View, use text widgets and set their value to attributes or expressions based on the data returned by your microflow.

Using Expressions:

Add a Text Widget:

Drag a Text widget into the overview page.Set Dynamic Text:

Use the expression editor to write

:'Welcome ' + $currentUser/Name + '! You have ' + $OrderCount + ' orders.'


Hi, Only this options are coming