Creating an Object with Validations via Microflows

Hi! I'm trying to make a "Contacts" app and I set two microflows, one for object creating and one for saving but it creates the object even without saving it! (You can see from behind the PopOut)  I can press the 'x' and pass all the validations and I don't want to see unfilled null contacts :( I would really appreciate it if you could help me :) (The contact needs both profile image and file system, you can suggest me a attachment system too! <3)   ACT_Contact_Create:   ACT_Contact_Save:
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Hi Yunus,

The best practice is to uncheck the "commit" option while creating an object and always use the commit action when saving the data.


Uncheck all three commit options in the creation microflow and enable the commit option for all three objects (ContactPhoto, ContactFile, and Contact) in the save microflow.It is better to commit all three objects separately even though they are associated with each other.






Hi Yunus,


The reason for the empty contacts is that you also commit in the create microflow. This will save the contact even when you hit cancel inside the edit page. Just uncheck commit in the create action or put a microflow behind the cancel button that deletes the object.