How to deal with unreliable Editability/editable accessor for customWidget in Mendix Model SDK?

The screenshot says it all but here's some context: I'm using the SDK to collect information about all usages of the Rich Text editor in my application. We use it nearly 200 times so it's important to be able to review the configuration selections different developers make to ensure they align with existing design decisions. So for the most part I'm comparing properties and property values. But one item that exists outside of properties that I still need to review is the editability. It has its own accessor on customwidgets.CustomWidget, .editable. .editable works and is accurate most of the time. The exception is when the editability is inherited from a parent container as 'Never'. In these cases it returns 'Always' (which is the typical value when the user selects 'Default' editability). Does anyone know of an alternate, more accurate way to identify widget editablity? 
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