NPM module not found in Make it Native 10 app

Hi, I am testing a native app in Make it Native 10.   I installed the snackbar external library( using npm in the javascriptsource > ModuleName > actions folder.   But, in Make it Native 10, an error occurs saying that the module downloaded through npm cannot be found. What is the problem? I attach the image below.  And I referred to the corresponding document.(    - Mendix Pro version : 10.8.1 
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That is because you will need to install the library in the actual native build. The Make It Native 10 app comes with certain standard libraries but not the one you need. If you wish to make it work you will have to create a new Native build yourself.

Make sure you also create a native dependency file before starting the build process.


I think you might have missed some steps in the documentation that explains why you need a new build. Specifially this part: