user had done some transaction i want that traction to be visible for admin

admin can login and has option to select shops once enter into the shop admin must be able to view users filled pages  right now only user is able to view only his transaction but admin is unable to see user transaction on the datagrid2   here xpath is working only for users not for admin I want admin to view the work done my user how can i give xpath so that user and admin will be able to view   
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Hello Pragathi s,


You can achieve this in multiple ways, personally i would add the xpath on entity acces rules for the userrole user so you limit the acces on database level, for the admin you do not limit the data with an xpath access rule wo the admin can see everything, this is more secure than on the screen level with an xpath, but be aware this rule is more strict so if a user with the userrole user needs access the transactions of other users it is not beneficial to do so. 


If this is not an option you can create maybe a designated page for the administrator to view the transaction for every user or per user. 


Or you need to elaborate your xpath or use another datasource but I do not advice this, because i do not think it is the logical way to do this.


Hope this helps,


Good luck!