Failing of scheduler events

Hello team we are working on an application where we are using scheduler events to sync data from other applications. The scheduler events are working fine in dev environment but not in QA and Production environments. We have verified the log files, the log messages in scheduler microflows are not being logged and when debugger is used the microflows are not being called.. We tried by creating new schedulers also which was also not working. When verified in the database logs all the schedulers which are failing are having status as incompatiable for which once again we deleted all the old schedulers and created a sample on which also failed. Can anyone suggest how we can move forward on this issue.
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See the Known Issues  for 9.12


"Scheduled events are not triggered on horizontally-scaled environments or single-node environments.

  • Fixed: Redeploy your app in the Developer Portal or with the buildpack release of 4.27.4 or above."


You're on 9.12.2 and this was fixed in 9.12.3


So perhaps a small version upgrade will fix it.


Thank you..the upgrade worked.