Clockpicker widget

We just tried out the new clockpicker widget. Locally it all works, but using it in the cloud you end up with a blank screen and you can not use your application. From chrome debug the jqwrapper.js can not be found. Could this be a security setting on the Mendix cloud? And if so how does the process work when creating new widget and Mendix cloud security settings? Regards, Ronald
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I just took a quick look at this widget and the reason this is failing is because of the case sensitive nature of our Linux cloud servers. On your workstation it doesn't matter if folder/file references are written in different case. But in the cloud all widget and library references are case sensitive.

The widget is referring using the following require statements:

location: '../../widgets/ClockPickerForMendix/lib',

but the name of the folder is: ClockPickerforMendix (note the lower case F)

I would recommend validating all paths in the widget and confirming the naming of all items. If the paths are written with the correct case I would expect the widget to work.