How to integrate geo location in mendix and show the entity too?

Hi Anyone knows how to integrate the geo location with mendix, Show the entity and lat/longs         
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Address JSON will be populated with the JSON result from reverse geo coding. Check out the below content to see how it works 

Furthermore, if additional logic is desired whenever the map is accessed, a custom microflow can be developed to handle that logic. This microflow can then be linked with the widget, ensuring that the logic triggers every time a new location is found or changed.

Insert the newly created Google Maps API key into the "Maps API Access Key" field located under the "Maps" tab.


The marker location will undergo reverse geocoding to derive the address, which will then populate the respective attributes according to the configuration set under the reverse geocoding tab.

 The 'Address' attribute is mapped with the 'Address' field under the Reverse Geocoding tab for this purpose.

The "Do Reverse Coding" radio button should be enabled, and the "First result in address" option should be selected.


The complete reverse geocoding result will be stored in a string attribute, which can then be processed through microflow logic to extract detailed information about the location.

The 'Address JSON' attribute is mapped with the 'Reverse Geocoding Result JSON' field under the Reverse Geocoding tab for this purpose.

The "Do Reverse Coding" radio button should be enabled, and the "Full JSON result" option should be selected.


Run the app to see the configured maps on Employee_NewEdit page.


Depending on the value selected in the "Do Reverse Coding" radio button, respective address attributes will be populated with data.

If "First Result in address" is enabled, then the address attribute will contain the user's location address. Whereas, if "Full JSON result" is enabled, then the address JSON attribute will contain the user's location full JSON.

Please review the overview page below to view a few employee address details.




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You need google map key to use this widget please follow the below steps to get it 

Creation of google Maps API key:

Refer to the Google documentation below for instructions on creating a Google Maps API key with billing account.

Google Maps API Key Creation Implementation

If you encounter any errors while using the API key, please consult the following Google documentation for guidance on resolving them.

Resolve Google Map API Key error or warning messages


To configure this widget , I have explained using simple scenario

Domain Model:

We have established a new entity to store employee details, including addresses obtained from Maps through reverse geocoding.


The overview pages for the entity have been generated, and the Geo Location widget downloaded from the marketplace has been added to the Employee_NewEdit page

image.pngUtilizing the Geo Location Widget to Determine Current Location

To determine current location, user should click the button which is getting rendered along with widget. A button label can be customized through widget. The label of the button can be defined in Label field under Button tab.

Dependency: Users must grant location read access to their device in order for the application to retrieve location information.



Once the button is clicked, the map marker will detect the user's current location and display it as follows:



If the user is not satisfied with the location detected by the maps, they can simply drag the map marker and drop it at their desired location on the map.

Whenever the user changes the location, either by clicking on the current location button or by dragging the marker, the address attributes will be automatically updated to reflect the new location.


Link the latitude and longitude decimal attributes in the widget under the "Location" tab. These attributes will automatically populate with location coordinates whenever a user determines or changes a location through the map’s marker.



Hi, what is the right format in map api access key?


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