Central Widget location for multi developer Projects

I have noticed that on a multi developer project the downloaded widgets are not synchronised between the users, which results in errors in the Mendix application. The user has to download the widget first in order to be able to deploy the project. I would file a feature request but I don't know where to do it. I can create an incident but there is no field to specify what type of incident I am referring to
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You can simply tackle this by using a svn repository. This is also useful for java, theme files and so on. Using a repository means also revisioning of your source files.


Widgets are stored in the widgets/ folder in your deployment location while the multi user modeler is stored directly in the multi-user database. Like Samet Kaya said, a SVN repository is best for this kind of situation. Same goes for java actions.

Also, the type of incident in the MXDN is determined by the Support Employee assessing the ticket. Just mention the problem and they'll decide if it is a bug or feature request.