Export XML in 2.5.1.

How can I export XML in 2.5.1? This is was what I did: Imported my XSD into a schema. Create entities with same names and structures. Created a Domain-To-XML mapping Created a microflow with steps: create a filedocument (descendant), 'export XML', fill in Entity and filedocument. Call the microflow from the entity overview with parameter passing. I expected a new filedocument to appear in the list that I could download. It appears but has no contents. Documentation in the wiki is not complete at the moment. I would appreciate a sample project with both import and export and sample xml/xsd files.
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There's a bug in the export activity, which results in the attributes not being set correctly. If you check your deployment/data/files/ directory, you'll see the xml file there.

This has been fixed and will be released in Our apologies for the inconvenience.