I have a text field on the form where a user can enter a string. I have set an on change microflow that takes that string and searches for an specific object with the name(String). If found then I extract some relationships/associations. If not then I inform the user that this 'object' does not exist in the system. The user should be allowed to enter a string that does not represent the name of an existing object hence I cannot use a dropdown. An auto-complete feature would be great. Because if the user spells the name differently to the object's name then it is flagged as not found in system. I know that the app store has tag editor which comes with auto-completion functinality however I have a large number of objects in the system already and do not want to manualy tag each one of them. It would be perfect if the auto-completion would be based on the object's name of an entity.
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Hi Karol,

From my point of view you can use the search widget (the same widget which is used in appstore itself. You can set attributes to search on and trigger a microflow after selection of one of the auto-complete options. In your microflow you can set the value based on selection in your attribute in the particular form.


that is good information