How to set Break points while running with SANDBOX

I need to set up break points while running the micro flow via SANBOX Test. Actually I need to use Web services and need to test those by having breakpoints. But Flow is showing connection error while running locally as it is trying to connect with services. But after running it with SANDBOX , it is connecting successfully but by passing break points and I need to check some results by having Break points. Can any one please suggest. Thanks Regards Piyush
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You can connect your debugger to the Sandbox quite easily. Go to your project in Sprintr, select the Deploy tab and then view the Debugger Information. Enter this in the debugger in your Modeler by clicking on Connect... and selecting "An app running in the Mendix Cloud or another remote server".


Hi Piyush,

AFAIK you cannot connect with your local model to the sandbox. You could try to simulate the situation by using a tool like soapUI. With this, you can test your webservice local. For this, you need to download the tool and you need an example request.

When making the request local via soapui, you can set the breakpoint in your model.