Built-In Database - Viewing the Data

I see that the built-in database and the data itself is stored in the script file within the "..\deployment\data\database\hsqldb\projectName" directory correct. So to view the data outside of a form (and deploying) you could look at the contents of the script file (or import this into xls). Are these assumptions correct?
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Not entirely. The database is most likely stored in a binary file, for which reason opening it in an ordinary editor will result in unreadable strange tokens. Inspecting the database however can be done, as with any database, with the proper database management tool. Simply Googling will usually result in a decent tool. This one looks promising and supports Excel export.

Note that exporting to excel using Mendix will usually be easier, as it allows to exports referred objects as well. Furthermore the database will not look exactly the same as your domain model, since names will differ (and be fully qualified) and references are stored in separate tables.