Import a current database schema and using the existing database

Hallo Ive got a existing database and want to use it as is and want to keep the schema/relations as is. I got a few problems and would appreciate any help please. 1) How do I import the existing schema into my project so that the entities can be created? 2) How do I prevent it from renaming all my tables to deleted_* when I run the program? Thank you
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What you want is quite difficult, because you miss a bunch of information that's needed to recreate the domain model. For instance, let's say you have a join table (with two foreign keys to two other tables). How do we know which tables are referred to? Is the relationship mutual or only readable from one side? Etc etc.

I'd suggest you write a converter that either imports all the data via a java action or via webservices.


If it is a older mendix project database, you could just open your project in mendix. Choose for multideveloper project and open it.