How to retrieve the selected line item of a data grid in a microflow?

Hello, I am working on a cost management application ,where I have multiple purchase order reference with respect to one Material. Now I want to select one line item of purchase order list and assign it to the material by using the Assign button. What will be the logic of the microflow to retrieve the selected Item from the list and assign it to that particular material?   Thanks in Advance
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Whenever you select any line from the data grid then you can pass that object as a parameter in any microflow. So once you have the Purchase order as a parameter in the microflow then you can set the association between the material and the purchase order. 




It would be good if you explained more about your application's domain model .

hope it helps!




    If you are using a data grid, you can proceed as follows. Assume that your data grid contains PurchaseOrder objects.


    Add an Assign button to the data grid (if you want microflow to run directly when the line is clicked, set the is default button property of the button to true).


    Create a microflow. Add Material and PurchaseOrder parameters. Go back to the data grid and set the on click property of the assign button to run this microflow. 


    Then you can assign the Material object using the change object activity for PurchaseOrder. If you provide more informatin about your domain model, it might be easier to define the logic.